QUEER THOUGHTS is a great space in Chicago who is currently contributing an artist interview in the upcoming issue of SFAQ #14.  They have some amazing programming and tomorrow, August 8th will be hosting an off-site project titled, “Dark Roses” at WAKE in Hamtramk, Michigan.  This project will feature works by Marcel Alcalá, Michael Clifford, Chelsea Culp, Miguel Gonzalez, Siera Hyte, Sam Lipp, and Luis Miguel Bendaña The opening reception is 7:05pm sharp. Not 7pm, not 7:10pm… 7:05pm sharp.  Below are some words that accompany this off site project’s statement.


What my parents think I do:
Hmm, well, the big question has always been are u gay or are u just weird?? The pants are too damn tight, but they still sag too low :( AND oops this young man did not properly dispose of his pubic hair after removing it from his body!! And can you tell me just what kind of boy would do that??


What old people think i do:
Granny sees me in the girl pants and says wow I’m glad you’re not like those saggy bottom boys. Smile and put the hat at a proper angle. I’m not a thug; I show my teeth and they are dull-white and blunt not gold and pointy! If we go to the mall or 6 flags or another place girls go I can easily replace my costume with a pimp costume by lowering the jeans a bit…


What I think I do:
When i grow up I’ll be a fox. Beautiful red hair and I could live in the woods or a city, but never in the suburbs, well maybe on a golf course! I will be known for my cunning and be strong enough to hunt, but vulnerable enough to be hunted. Still I am maybe smart and nice enough to befriend a basset hound and if he kills me in the end I’ll still be the hero.


What I actually do:
I look in the mirror or in photobooth and I think wow this is the ideal me – not that me you see in tagged pics or as I walk down the street. I open my mouth a lil and my eyes can I pose like this every minute of every day? But really I am caught slouching, eyes barely open, hair not neat enough to be clean cut not messy enough to be a sk8r and that is how i feel. too nice to be the bad boy too bad to be fuck boy??


–Nick Guenther


For more information visit here.