SFAQ Closed in early 2017. This website is an archive of our print and online activities.

We printed 50,000 copies per issue across our three titles; SFAQ, NYAQ, LXAQ at our max output

Founded in 2010, for artists, by artists.


Publisher/ Founder/ Editor in Chief
Andrew McClintock

Senior Editors:
Lucy Kasofsky
Lauren Marsden
Lydia Brawner


Mario Ayala
Grant Gutierrez
Alexandra Toledo
Nina Potepan


Lani Asher
Alex Bacon
Terri Cohn
Michael Cook
Kimberlee Córdova
Rebecca Cuomo
Dean Dempsey
Peter Dobey
Jarrett Earnest
Max Goldberg
Rob Goyanes
Essence Harden
John Held, Jr.
Glen Helfand
Jessica Hoffmann
Anna Hygelund
Kelly Inouye
Brian Karl
Suzanne L’Heureux
Steffanie Ling
Leora Lutz
Courtney Malick
Lily Magenis
Lauren Marsden
Shana Beth Mason
Evan Moffitt
Scott Norton
Amanda Roscoe Mayo
Ashley Stull Myers
Sarah ThibaultJohanna Thompson
Anna Martine Whitehead
Danica Willard Sachs
Coco Young

this is not a complete list by any means…