Organized by Casey O’Neal


Cedar Sigo

Light unburied, unchained
For Jack Gieseking

I am leaving to be driven down to Mexico City

The line between seems incidental

I am going underground in Oaxaca

to flip through rare European monographs on air conditioned mezzanines

Odilon Redon’s Angel in Chains, Joan Mitchell’s

blighted canary and fuchsia permissions (wings)

In the longest dreams I sail my raft to Puerto Vallarta

Thin mauve and pink bands in the sky lie still and hold clear like the tropics, the equator

Brazen heatwaves slice the earth in half….

If Brian and I are allowed to land in San Miguel

The young horses will sprout wings and become handsome, sought after devils.

I will lead a rebellion through the streets of Patzcuaro

and lose my head which (unattached) will continue to organize and write

and reverberate! Become immortalized in oil

a large head, wrought of light

painted by Leonora Carrington


Julian Talamantez Brolaski
younger and queerer

dear Love, I am tired of endings
let love be purposeful, extant, and merry
let it revise its feelings, and yet still
be w/out contradiction
let it transcend deth
let it not gnaw away
at the flesh of lovers
who are trying to love

misfortune—took me in an instant
the big rain down can rain
the big rain, ultimately down can rain
the ships clock ran tru
it had its owen logic
despite, or perhaps because of
the crooked line in the cuban stocking
I put my hand over first my left, and
then my right eye in order to try to see straight