Terri Cohn

About the Author Terri Cohn

Terri Cohn is a writer, curator, art historian, and editor. Her research and writings focus on conceptual art, technology, public art, and socially engaged art practices. A contributing editor to Artweek magazine for 20 years, she currently writes for various publications including Public Art Review, Art in America, SFAQ, Squarecylinder, Art Practical, and caa.reviews. Terri co-wrote and edited Pairing of Polarities: The Life and Art of Sonya Rapoport (Heyday Press, 2012), and curated exhibitions of Rapoport’s work for Kala Art Institute and Mills College Art Museum (2011, 2012). She teaches core and interdisciplinary art history courses for the University of California, Berkeley, in their Art and Design Extension program.