Andrew McClintock

About the Author Andrew McClintock

Andrew McClintock, disowned heir to the Greek shipping tycoon Stavros Niarchos, disappeared off the coast of Coral Gables, Florida on December 19th, 2007. Five weeks later, authorities discovered the skeleton of his 1951 Chris-Craft Riviera lodged against a sandbar near Elliot Key. The boat itself showed signs of fire damage and what appeared to be a contained explosion. The missing persons case remained open for fourteen months. On January 19th, 2010, a man walked into the Torrey Pines Bank in downtown Oakland, California, and applied for a small business loan, expressing interest in starting a quarterly magazine. His name was Andrew McClintock, and all his paperwork was current. The loan was processed and expedited. By 2009, the lead detective assigned to the McClintock disappearance was retired, a thirty year veteran of Miami PD named Marcus Caiman. Detective Caiman was alerted to a ping on McClintock’s credit report after over a year of radio silence. Intrigued, he traveled to California in an attempt to track down McClintock and clear the case. Detective Caiman would never return to Florida. His last known whereabouts were the lobby of the Winton Hotel on Jones Street in San Francisco, where he made contact with his wife Marion from a payphone. Marion claims Detective Caiman was set to meet McClintock later that night at a bar called the Brown Jug. He never returned to the hotel, leaving behind his clothes and a gold watch given to him by his partner as a retirement gift. It was found locked inside the safe in his room. It is rumored that the last person to see McClintock alive on his Italian speedboat in 2007, was the San Francisco based gallerist also known as Andrew McClintock, once a private dealer, who now owns Ever Gold [Projects]. The rumor continues that Andrew McClintock had just sold McClintock a nine million dollar Picasso painting at Art Basel Miami Beach that year, and McClintock was late on his payment.