Opening tonight is Et al.’s first solo exhibition, featuring work by Aaron Finnis, since they opened their doors earlier this year.  Their program has been full of group exhibition as well as two-person shows, pairing the work of artists that work within various mediums to exhibit their strong conceptual and material understanding in their practices.  Th gallery is located in a basement in Chinatown, San Francisco.  For those who have not visited this space, it is definitely worth while.  They have completely transformed the space into a white cube, which has so far been put to very good use.  Many of these alternative spaces in the city are closing due to the rising cost of rent, but Et al. has managed to find refuge underground, in an area of San Francisco that has almost no galleries.  Even though it’s close to North Beach and other districts with galleries, Chinatown is an untapped and overlooked in San Francisco.  Et al. released some words which accompany Finnis’ exhibition below.


“The object as messenger


As intermediary, as immutable screen


Color as mediated reflection


Wow and flutter


Time and volume as borne by distance, area


Data like taffy: pulled, dyed”


The opening reception is tonight August 16th, 7-10pm, and will be on view through September 14th.


For more information visit here.