Amze Emmons.  Courtesy of the gallery.

Amze Emmons. Courtesy of the gallery.


Opening Friday, September 20th (7-10pm) at Park Life is “Close Wilderness”, an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Amze Emmons.


The work in this exhibition tracks a research thread connecting, vernacular architecture, informal economies, and self-organized systems of community & exchange, essentially the intersection of Système D and material culture. Emmons finds something inherently hopeful embodied in these improvised solutions, spaces, and markets. He is inspired by walking the cities, photo-cataloging aspects of street life. In particular, he is interested in evidence of local place making and the global circulation of material goods.


By collaging the source material within the drawing process, Emmons aims to present how the things we consume and build connect us to one another, to show the way everyday objects contain both histories & creative potential, and to make the familiar strange through proximity.   This exhibition will be on view until October 20th, 2013.


Park Life is a store/gallery hybrid located in the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco.  Their store features a variety of books and independent print goods, as well as editioned art and design objects.  The gallery is located in the back half of the space, hosting numerous solo and group exhibitions, bringing a refreshing program to their neck of the city.


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