SF AIDS Foundation

SF AIDS Foundation


Support the Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco in their efforts to release an exhibition catalogue of safe sex posters, “Safer Sex Bang: The Buzz Bense Collection of Safer Sex Posters.” The CSC is raising money to publish the Center for Sex and Culture’s first art book and are $3,000 into the campaign but still have a long way to go in preserving a very special part of LGBT history.  The book consists of safe sex posters that were displayed around the city during the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s. We will be exhibiting over 100 posters (from bus shelters to flyers) beginning November 8th at the Center for Sex and Culture.



"everybody's doin' it!" National Condom Week

“everybody’s doin’ it!” National Condom Week


Buzz Bense, sex activist and graphic designer, donated over 150 unique posters to CSC last year. Bense has collected and produced safer-sex posters aimed at members of the LGBTQ community since the mid-1980s. Circulated at a time when the community was particularly hard-hit by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, these posters comprise a striking aesthetic collection of graphically innovative design that explicitly visualizes homosexuality, diverse LGBTQ communities and safer-sex activism.


For more information on the fundraising campaign visit the Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco.