Sarah Biscarra Dilley

About the Author Sarah Biscarra Dilley

Sarah Biscarra Dilley is a multi-disciplinary artist, bruja, ‘axi. Her work explores the spaces between the worlds; between blood sickness and bloodlines, between grief and joy, between body and land, between the spatial and the temporal. She is anchored in the intention and practices of indigenous resurgence: through cartographic upheaval, through contradiction, through complexity, through communion. Using found footage, cut paper, archival material, handwork, language and thread, she traces a landscape of indigenous resilience and shifting relationships of belonging, displacement, and home. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Americas; showcased by former Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) curator Ryan Rice at the 2012 Native American and Indigenous Studies Association’s (NAISA) annual meeting, co-presented the Sexuality Studies Association’s keynote lecture alongside Daniel Heath Justice at First People’s House, at the University of Victoria in 2013, negotiated the gifts and limitations of the term "Two Spirit" at NAISA 2015, and continues creating liminal spaces alongside her remarkable co-conjurers in Black Salt Collective. She is full of birds.