Tenderloin Institute of Art

April 17–18, 2015
April 24–25, 2015

School hours: 11:30-5:00

SFAQ [Project] Space patrons will be offered the chance to attend the MFA program and receive a degree from the Tenderloin Institute of Art in an hour and a half course offered on two different weekends. Instruction provided by MFA Department Chair Jeremiah Jenkins. From the TIA catalogue:

At the Tenderloin Institute of Art, students will learn to develop a body of work, formulate it conceptually, and apply critical reasoning. Students will exhibit their resulting work and walk away with an MFA. The school will consist of six stations, each devoted to a particular area of interest: technical skills, conceptual skills, history, and theory. Each station will have a task to complete and information on how to complete that task. Students will have exposure to art historical information, conceptual vocabulary, documentation of their work, and exhibition practices. After students complete the stations they will step up to a podium to present their thesis and defend their work. The work will then be on display and students will receive their own official MFA certificate.

Tenderloin Institute of Art Vernissage MFA Exhibition: April 25th, 6-9 pm
Join us to celebrate the achievements of the inaugural MFA class of the Tenderloin Institute of Art. Commencement will be held at 7:00pm with keynote speaker Jeremiah Jenkins, who will be presented with an honorary doctorate by Dean Jeremiah Jenkins. The announcement of the MFA candidates will follow Jenkins’ address. Join us for this conceptual educational event.

449 O’Farrell St.
San Francisco, CA 94102
Friday–Saturday, 11–5:30pm


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(Disclaimer: Tenderloin Institute of Art is a non-accredited school of higher education. Any degree earned from TIA will not get you any job or other opportunity, but I honestly don’t know if a real MFA would either. These degrees are mostly for bullshitting and talking yourself up to others in order to get some kind of feigned respect or interest. The Tenderloin Institute of Art is a conceptual social sculpture art piece by artist Jeremiah Jenkins. If you want to put the MFA on your resume or CV that’s totally on you, but it would be pretty funny if it worked for you.)