V. Vale and Mark McCloud

March 31, 2015
Doors: 6 pm
Talk: 7–8 pm

The SFAQ live interview series focuses on artists characterized by originality and achievement.

In San Francisco’s storied Mission district, the world’s first and only LSD Museum was pioneered by artist-sculptor-teacher Mark McCloud. The LSD Museum features over 33,000 examples of blotter art, plus thousands of graphics, ephemera, vinyl LPs and objects featuring LSD, including a display of LSD license plates. RE/Search publisher V. Vale met Mr. McCloud in the 1970s first wave Punk Movement, put him in RE/Search #1 (a 1980 tabloid), his best-selling PRANKS book, and recently published a small zine on him. Mark McCloud was featured in the first 2015 issue (recently published) of SFAQ magazine.

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