Two Gallants Part Five


Everything takes time. After the two Sold Out shows back in SF at the independent I split for LA for a week of Art Fairs and then came back to SF to have another opening at Ever Gold Gallery and then publish the newest issue of SFAQ. Adam and Tyson went straight to recording their new album in Oakland and then mixed  it in Dallas and just got back into SF yet to leave again to the Far East in a day or two.


Like I said everything takes time – this is why this last post took so long after their tour. Now it feels more like a pleasant send off as they tour China and South Korea. Their new album comes out sometime next year (no release date yet)


All in all the 2nd part of their fall tour was pretty epic. A couple of highlights:






1. Moses finding Charley Villard’s cup of puke in the van – trying to dump it out on the freeway and have it splatter all over the van.

2. Overshooting Philly by 1 hour cause dem grapes.

3. Eating duck egg and coconut pancakes with moldy maple syrup from some strange hippy lady.

4. Me puking out of the van on the freeway and covering my face, hair, shirt, shorts, and van with some duck egg pancakes.

5. Claremont Lounge.

6. Generator show in New Orleans next to the Mississippi

7. Mosquito’s from the Mississippi

8. INS Check point…and how to survive one being from SF… Chong style

9. Adam Crushing the 16 hour drive from Tucson to SF

10. Drinking in SF

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all photos and video ©A.McClintock 2011