Stumbled across this exhibition today and I have to say, it’s pretty point and case. One of SFAQ’s goals is to challenge the way the art world questions contemporary art and its role in today’s society. Are we as artists and art appreciators staying true to our purpose; to find that which is questionable in society and expose, dissect, reinvent, appropriate and eventually regurgitate it to the masses?

Annet Gelink Gallery in Amsterdam is doing just that. Exposing ourselves and our tendency to objectify works, to mistreat their true meaning and importance. The exhibition, “VIP Showroom”, presents viewers with an opportunity to “see the artworks in real life”. Satire at it’s finest, artist Ryan Gander’s piece Accidental Location/Perfect Registration (2010) consists of a partition wall with 9 back lit display cases built into it. The objects were part of a private collection, but they have been stolen and replaced with a sand bag represented by their weight.