Ever Gold Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Yokonori Stone.

“Welcome to the Tenderloin” opens TONIGHT from 6-10pm

Shows through August 26th.

“I hope I don’t piss off Barry McGee cause I really like his work and sometimes I wishI was him. There is a lot to like about San Francisco and I hope to pay tribute to themany wonderful people and places in the city. The majority of the work in this showwas made with that in mind. I am not all that smart so I try to keep things simple…if Ilike something I paint it and when I am done if I still like it then I show it. I like BarryMcGee, Ron Turner, Artbusiness.com and the San Francisco Giants. I hope no one getsangry when I paint a picture of them. Although my skills might not be world class mylove for all of them is.”

With all my love,
Yokonori Stone