Eli Ridgway always has some strong programing going on – tomorrow night looks like a really interesting exhibition that makes me want to touch all the art (probably against the policy – so DONT do IT – unless you want to buy a piece first – which you should do). As the press release states…


“Gordon’s work focuses on the numerous potentials of sound as an architectural, immersive tool for perception. Inspired by the research of sound pioneers Ernst Chladni and Alvin Lucier, the installation works in No Touch visually and perceptually replicate the impact of sound waves on the body in various situations.”


“Combining classic building provisions such as drywall, cement, glass, and wood, with sound altering mediums such as felt, foam and fabric, Gordon manipulates a sonic experience by exploring the reverberance of these adapted architectures.  ”


The Ridgway show opens a little early (5:30- 7:30) and I would suggest showing up before the crowds do.


As mentioned in the previous post about the Ever Gold residency that opens tomorrow night  – both exhibitions seem to take hints from cutting edge avant garde music composers…so tomorrow we will be posting a bunch of videos/ music on the blog here about such characters….Moondog, John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Miles Davis, and Cold Play…actually no Cold Play…you know what they say!