Karen Kilimnik, "Dusk", 1996.


Flat, kitschy, and sentimental painter Karen Kilimnik’s first West Coast solo exhibit opens at Mills College tonight at six o’clock. She is also exhibiting at the Brant Foundation in pastoral Greenwich, Connecticut, meaning Kilimnik will have concurrent bi-coastal solo exhibits, an important milestone in being An Important Artist. “Dance Rehearsal” at Mills College was guest curated by Melissa E. Feldman, who, at least in her writing, is skilled at recognizing connections and defining systems in art. The works depict ballets, stage sets, contemporary pop culture icons and operas, a dreamy teen girl fantasy of pop culture talking about pop culture.


Karen Kilimnik, "Marie Antoinette Out For A Walk At Her Petite Hermitage, France, 1750", 2005.


“Dance Rehearsal” at the Mills College Art Museum opens tonight at 6-8pm tonight, September 12, and is on view through December 9, 2012. The exhibit is free. http://mcam.mills.edu/exhibitions/current1.php


A shuttle is provided from the MacArthur BART station on half-hour increments, (5:30 pm, 6:30 pm, and 7:30 pm), to the campus. Mills College is located at the precise liminality where Oakland’s flats and wealthy hill-dwellers meet—which is also kind of an attraction worth seeing.  If you are coming from Berkeley, and look young enough, hop on the free student shuttle at Bancroft and Telegraph.


For East Coasters:

See Karen Kilimnik at the Brant Foundation Art Study Center in Greenwich, Connecticut. Viewing is by appointment only, Monday through Friday, 10 am-4pm. The Brant estate is lavish and weird, and, I imagine, perfect for a Kilimnik exhibition.



-Kendall George