If you are in the mood for some Schadenfreude, there are just ten days left to see Richard Phillips at Gagosian’s West 24th Street concession. Phillips specializes in pancake makeup and spray tan realism that is either true to his subjects—in this case, Lindsay Lohan and wanna-be actress/forever pornstar Sasha Grey—or a product of over-blending; an M.F.A. from Yale most likely indicates the former. This is, apparently, an exhibit that is surprisingly moving. That’s hard to believe judging by Phillips’ video works and supine images of Lohan, which seem like another exploitation of the dead eyes and lip injection disfigurement of the actress whose publicity arc has been stuck on “tragedy” for years.



JUST A TUMBLE WEED ROLLING THROUGH. Richard Phillips, "Linday I", 2012.



Check it out. It’s Cat Marnell approved!




The "hot Bukowski," Cat Marnell, with Richard Phillips.



Richard Phillips’ self-titled exhibit is on view at Gagosian Gallery‘s West 24th Street location, through October 20.


-Kendall George