The Popular Workshop is hosting an opening reception tomorrow, Thursday, November 29 from 6-10pm for a whole constellation of art books/ book artists curated by Luca Nino Antonucci. The band F.F.J.R. from Marfa, TX will perform from 9-10pm.



From the press release:


There is a broad dialogue between publication and art object, far more complex than the straightforward union of the two into the ‘art book.’ Somewhere in the Fold is a survey of the relationship between the current state of publishing and the art practices of contemporary artists. These disciplines have converged into processes of editing and editioning, making once disparate fields singular.


The participating artists and publishers of Somewhere in the Fold approach this conversation by showing work that deliberately confuses the terms ‘publication’ and ‘art object’, while attempting to discover a place where they can exist together both in form and concept.



*Linus Bill

*Glass, House

Little Big Man

Publication Studio

Ooga Booga


Anzfer Farms


Christopher Baird 

Luke Fischbeck 

Sarah Rara

Facundo Argañaraz

Sarah Hotchkiss

Kate Bonner

Nicolas G Miller

Hailey Loman 

Aaron Finnis

Little Paper Planes 




“SOMEWHERE IN THE FOLD” is on view through December 24 at the Popular Workshop.