The prolific artist Jay Howell makes zines, animations, paintings, comics, ceramic sculpture, and designs skate decks. His chinless dudes are skaters, in motorcycle gangs, graffiti writers, and are performing in, or attending, a punk, metal, or hardcore show. They are badasses with hearts of gold. Though his work is often psychedelic and dirty, it is so good-natured he’s been lending his services to family-friendly corporations like Fox (he designed characters on “Bob’s Burgers”) and Nickelodeon (“Sanjay & Craig, which is in production). Come to his solo exhibit “Enthusiastic Person” opening this Friday at the Fecal Face’s gallery and send some good vibes back at him.


Jay Howell’s “Enthusiastic Person” opens Friday, February 1 at 6pm at the FFDG.









-Kendall George


Images: All images by Jay Howell, via his blog