Sanjay Vora. Image courtesy of the gallery


Opening Reception: Thursday, January 24, 2013  6:30-8pm


Tomorrow night is the opening reception for “Re/Surfaces” an exhibition featuring works by Sanjay Vora, Nancy Genn, and Angela O’Keefe.  This exhibition is fueled on nostalgia and evoking a sentiment toward memories from the past which the artist’s project in their works.  Sanjay Vora recalls memories and feelings from his childhood, of his grandmother, the Jersey shore, the Caribbean, England, and a first love.  Vora’s paintings display a skill that creates pathways for viewers to have a glimpse into his past using a range of painterly techniques. Nancy Genn’s sculptures hint at recollection, but allow the viewer to create and fulfill the depth of her gathered spacial arrangements using various materials culled from our shared environment.



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Installation view. 2013. Courtesy of the gallery

Installation view. 2013. Courtesy of the gallery