Growing up in Los Angeles, I have spent a majority of my life in traffic, looking out the window watching disgruntled individuals make their way from point A to point B, then C, into eternity.  You find yourself staring at your reflection in the waxed surfaces of the cars next to you looking for some sense of purpose in the homogenized population of vehicles of the freeways (and in many ways not so free at all).  As you continue your journey moving forward, you lean back, and rest your head.   These moments of my time in Los Angeles, reflect the statement written for “Heavy Hand” and exhibition by Nina Beier at Standard, in Oslo, Norway.  Her statement for the show is below. Link:


Heavy labour

heavy legs

heavy head

heavy eyelids

heavy heart

heavy drinking and smoking.


– Nina Beier


Im so glad that Beier decided to go forward with this statement written for her exhibition’s press release.  A genuine conversation is present in the poetic arrangement of words and reflects onto the work that is on view.



Nina Beier. "Heavy Hand" installation view" 2013. Courtesy of gallery.

Nina Beier. "Real Estate # 06", 2013. Chrysler Voyager headrest, leather, aluminium and granite ("Sienite della Balma") 150.5 x 24 x 25 cm / 59.45 x 9.45 x 9.84". Courtesy of Gallery

Nina Beier. "Real Estate # 05" detail image. 2013. Massage chair head rest, synthetic leather, aluminium, velcro and granite ("Decó") 142.5 x 28.5 x 28.5 cm / 56.3 x 11.42 x 11.42". Courtesy of gallery.


Standing within the gallery are various monoliths protruding from the floor with surfaces made of granite.  Each platform has it’s own unique surface quality due to the different kinds of stone used for each piece.  They seem cold, and smooth, reminiscent of the walls of a grand bank or hotel in any major city. Standing on top of the platforms are a number of head rests, supported only by the two metallic rods that attach to the seat in a car.  From afar they seem to be floating, in search for a heavy head to support after a long day at work.  This is where my driving experiences kick in, reminding me of the effortless beauty of a head rest and their primary function in life.


“heavy drinking and smoking”…….. yes


Time for a quick trip the local watering hole.


-Contributed by Gregory Ito