Today, March 24th, is an extremely sad day for the Bay Area.  We are sorry to inform you that Carlos Villa passed away this morning at 3:41 am.  Carlos Villa is a big part of San Francisco and has a special place for everyone who had the chance to be touched by his magical presence and amazing attitude toward life and the beautiful act of making art.  He was my professor at SFAI and spending time with him was some of the best moments of my life as an art maker.  He was truly an amazing person and will continue to affect our lives beyond his passing this morning.  He has been teaching at SFAI for 43 years, and will not be forgotten in the school’s history and its contributions to the Bay Area.  His artwork has it’s special place in our hearts as well as art history and will continue to be shown for many years to come.


I’m not here to list out his exhibitions, awards, and so on.  I’m here to tell you that on this sunny Sunday in San Francisco, we have lost an amazing artist, professor, and friend.


I will never forget you Carlos.  You have been extremely important to my life, and I know it is the same of the hundreds, if not thousands of people you have had the opportunity to speak your graceful and encouraging words of wisdom to.  Your smile alone brought warmth and light into SFAI on those cold, rainy days in the studio.  I will miss you incredibly, and wish I had one more chance to sit and talk with you once more.  Thank you for everything. Rest in peace.


-Gregory Ito



Carlos Villa. 1936-2013

Carlos Villa

Carlos Villa

Carlos Villa. (detail)



Find time to read this interview between Carlos Villa and Paul Karlstrom in 1995 here.