Adobe Books is a cultural landmark for the city of San Francisco and has been providing the local art scene with some of the most incredible programming through their backroom gallery.  From a local art scene to the international art world, numerous artist’s have had exhibitions at Adobe Books which helped launch their career making the Bay Area the art destination it is today. The bookstore itself is a gem, like most used book stores, but this one has held down the fort for what seems like a lifetime.  Adobe is now a victim if the exponential increases in rents around the city and is threatened to close its doors.  We cannot let this happen.  Join the efforts of Adobe Books to stay open and support their fundraising endeavors.  There is live music tonight at Public Works (, an Ebay art auction, and Indiegogo donation page.  Read the letter from Adobe Books below for more information.



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Dear Friends of Adobe Books and the Backroom Gallery:


As you may know, at the end of last year Adobe was confronted with a major challenge in the form of a massive rent increase that threatened to close the bookshop’s doors forever. Rather than accept the fate of so many historic independent shops throughout the Mission District (and San Francisco in general) and close down, a group of dedicated members of the Adobe family decided to fight back in the form of a major fundraising campaign through Indigogo and a series of events in the shop and elsewhere.


For the past 10 months, Adobe owner Andrew McKinley and a working group have been working to develop The Adobe Books and Arts Cooperative, a member supported and operated cooperative dedicated to establishing an expanded and sustainable business.


Adobe has been such an important part of our lives as artists, writers, book lovers, and Mission dwellers — not only for the books, but for the impromptu events and gatherings, the gallery featuring local artists, the discussions, friendships and connections it has nurtured among us and the generous, welcoming spirit of the place — that we couldn’t imagine the Mission without it.


We have until March 15th to raise the final $25,000 of the total $60,000 necessary to get this initiative up and off the ground.  If we don’t raise this money, Adobe books will close its doors. It’s that simple. Please help by donating to the cause so that Adobe can live on!


A major facet of this fundraising effort will take the form of The Great Adobe Ebay Auction which will go live on Saturday, March 9th at 3pm. Starting Saturday, visit this link to browse and bid:


“We need to fight to do this and enroll everyone into an army that will help. If all of you could sign up to help, that would be great. I’m not gonna beg, but I’m gonna wish.”
– Andrew McKinley


To donate or to learn more, visit Adobe’s Indiegogo page: