Payzant Yellow Collection, 2012, 60" x 96", Acrylic and Oil on Canvas. Courtesy of the gallery

Payzant Untitled (Sod), 2012, 52" x 58", Oil and Acrylic on Canvas. Courtesy of the gallery.


“Shifted Perception” opens tonight, March 15th at Fouladi Projects in San Francisco exhibiting American painter Marcus Payzant.  Payzant is known for his pictorial renderings which often merge into gestural abstractions.  Color is a big component to the works and are used to emphasize underlying themes of an emotional dissidence with the subjects that are highlighted in each individual painting.  Interior and exterior spaces are explored to investigate the detritus of our material world and how objects can elevate into the realm of the spiritual, becoming relics of a time and place once known, but now non existent.  This opening tonight is 6-8pm, and the exhibition will close May 11th, 2013.

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