Opening tomorrow, Friday night, at Queens Nails is “The Modern Monster” group show with artists, Michelle Blade, Anthony Discenza, Valerie Hegarty, Jillian McDonald, George Pfau.  This should be a great show and this group of artists will not let you down. Find time in your busy schedule to make it out 8-10pm.  The statement for the exhibition says that the artists’ aim to express the same sense of violence and foreboding that fuels horror films – now that is a rad theme for an exhibition.  This exhibition will be a critical deconstruction of the monstrous characters seen in horror movies, as well as dive into the mysterious qualities to these films.  Anchoring dialogues to the  current social landscape of contemporary times is reflected onto the work with both compelling and possibly humorous tones.  This show was curated by Jeanne Gerrity.  The exhibition will close April 20th, 2013.


For more information please visit here.