Currently at SFMOMA is Christian Marclay’s video installation”The Clock” (2010) which is composed of thousands of clips from various films that are used to depict real time.  It is a 24 hour montage that manages to tell time minute for minute, a huge feat for Marclay.  For Marclay to successfully execute this video installation to function as a time piece is an overwhelming investigation of an individual’s relationship with time.  It is said that it took Marclay three years to complete the film.  It is an interesting note to know how his endeavors took three years to complete a rotation of 24 hours, a very laborious task piecing together clips from both famous and random films.  This video installation has been viewed internationally and is now here in San Francisco for us to experience before the museums 3 year closure.  Make your way to SFMOMA before it closes, because after this round of exhibitions, you wont have a museum to go to for a long, long time.  Yes it is a bummer, but get it in while you still can.


“The Clock” will be on view until June 2nd.  For more information visit here.


-Contributed by Gregory Ito