Kala Art Institute is having their “Kala-fornia: State of the Art 3” art auction this month.  Kala Art Institute Board of Directors and Honorary Co-Chairs Mercy and Roger Smullen invite you to come and see the two week exhibition of works by prominent California artists which will culminate into a lively Gala Auction on April 27th, 2013.  During the event both live and silent auctions will be occurring giving you a chance to bring a new piece of artwork to your collection.  There will be food and drinks too at the Gala so come with an appetite.  Proceeds from this auction provide direct support for Kala Art Institute’s programs for artists and the public.  Below is a schedule for “Kala-fornia: State of the Art 3”.  Ongoing now is the online auction for works which you can find on their website here.


Auction Exhibition: April 11 – 26, 2013

Preview Party: Thursday, April 11, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Silent Auction opens, Free admission

Auction Gala: Saturday, April 27, 6:30 – 10:00 pm


For information on tickets visit here.


Artists include:

Kirkman Amyx
Mari Andrews
Kim Anno
Gale Antokal
Michael Bartalos
Elisheva Biernoff
Jenny Bloomfield
Amanda Boe
Edythe Bresnahan
Valerie Britton
Christopher Brown
Jamie Brunson
Wendyn Cadden
Brian Caraway
Squeak Carnwath
Enrique Chagoya
Kevin B. Chen
Randy Colosky
Lisa Congdon
Hélène Côté
Kirk Crippens
Hayley Delaney
Lewis DeSoto
Adam Donnelly
Leeza Doreian
Inga Dorosz
Kathryn Dunlevie
Jessica Dunne
Stella Ebner
Lisa Espenmiller
Beth Fein
Donna Fenstermaker
Barbara Foster
David Fought
Sid Garrison
Ewa Gavrielov
Linda Geary
Renée Gertler
Jeffrey Hantman
Bruce Hasson
Katie Hawkinson
Ellen Heck
Adrienne Heloise
Sonja Hinrichsen
Nif Hodgson
Carrie Hott
Randy Hussong
Phil Ishimaru
Gregory Ito
Ken Kalman
Donna Anderson Kam
Sherry Karver
Max Kellenberger
Mary Anne Kluth
Michael Koehle
Naomie Kremer
Carol Ladewig
Ellen Lake
Susan Lefkowich
Lisa Levine
Jeanne Lorenz
Dharma Strasser MacColl
Kara Maria
Mary Marsh
Vanessa Marsh
Nichole Maury
Daniel McClain
Sean McFarland
Stephen McMillan
Jim Melchert
Stephanie Metz
Masako Miki
Robert Minervini
Nancy Mintz
Richard Misrach
Indira Martina Morre
Richard Nagler
Gary Nakamoto
Yuzo Nakano
Sandra Ono
Jennie Ottinger
Francesca Pastine
Nora Pauwels
Emily Payne
Sam Perry
Mel Prest
Simona Prives
Laurie Reid
Jenny Robinson
Claire Rojas
Thierry Rosset
David Ruddell
Nadim Sabella
Deborah Salomon
Unai San Martin
Zachary Scholz
Christina Seely
Carol Selter
Richard Shaw
Joseph Slusky
Sylvia Solochek Walters
Kirk Stoller
Amber Stucke
Toru Sugita
Hadi Tabatabai
Seiko Tachibana
Charlene Tan
Gail M. Tarantino
Paul Taylor
Kim Thoman
Patricia Thomas
Peter Tonningsen
Esther Traugot
Kathryn VanDyke
Ben Venom
Peter Voulkos
Richard Wagener
Sandy Walker
Ann Weber
Richard Whittaker
William Wiley
Noah Wilson
Thomas Wojak
Lena Wolff
Jan Wurm
and more