This is an insane weekend for San Francisco, with 2 art fairs, 2 MFA exhibitions, 2 graduation ceremonies, galleries reopening their spaces, and all the openings, screenings, and performances too.  We will be posting continually on the fairs in SF, and then follow up with the MFA exhibitions at CCA and The Old Mint for SFAI next week.  We hope you enjoy the posts, and don’t forget to visit SFAQ at the fairs to pick up the newest issue.  This is a quick breeze through the exhibitions to give you an idea of what to expect with some snap-shots for your eyes to chew on.


Lets begin with The Popular Workshop, a great gallery in the city pushing progressive work that you and everyone’s mom needs to check out.  They have a solid booth and the walls are completely covered with little room to spare.  Many galleries clutter their space, but they managed to make it work.  Visit there current show too, close to Sutter and Polk Streets.  Its worth a trip to the Lower Polk area.





Next is CES Contemporary from Laguna Beach.  They same from sunny Southern California to give you a taste of their programming.  Good to know that Laguna Beach has some contemporary spaces that promote some interesting work.





The next booth is a complete gem and is one of the most amazing alternative galleries in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.  2nd Floor Projects is  a-m-a-z-i-n-g  and if you haven’t had the chance to visit you should.  Their flat file sales are special and very few people know about what they do.  Margaret Tedesco runs the space and curates the gallery’s programming as well as her archived library of ephemera and texts.  I bought an out of print record by The Alps with packaging that Tauba Auerbach designed using her unique pop up paper processes.  Mike Kuchar can also be found here at her booth, so check out what else she brought in person.  Definitely a must see, and meet Tedesco in person, she’s awesome.





Electric Works came and brought some Robert Minervini paintings with them.  Minervini is their current show at their new space in San Francisco and is worth a visit.  Great painter based in San Francisco who is currently abroad for the next few months making new works for your viewing pleasure.






Last for the ArtPad SF highlights part 1 of 2 is Walter Maciel Gallery from Los Angeles.  This piece on the back wall of their booth was getting attention from visitors during the opening party.  Nice to see some LA in SF.  Doesn’t happen enough.




That’s it for now.  More coming soon.  For more information visit here.