We have one more day (Sunday) to see the fairs while they are in town.  It’s your chance to get an idea of the programming from local, national, and international galleries all in one, actually two locations in San Francisco. This is part 2 of 2 of the highlights from ArtPad SF 2013.  Enjoy the images below, and make it out to the Tenderloin/Lower Polk area to hang out by the pool, have some drinks, and enjoy some artwork by hundreds of artists.  More coming soon from ArtMRKT San Francisco.

Also we would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2013 from CCA, SFAI, and Mills College. Stay connected to you artistic practice and make your mark in art history!!!


What is Art? Live!!! is at ArtPad SF again this year and they have a booth dedicated to their television/online show displayed on flat screens as well as some artwork on the walls.  If you haven’t seen their show before find it online.  It’s g-r-e-a-t stuff.





Queens Nails Gallery is at ArtPad too, one week after being in New York for NADA art fair.  Their jet setting lifestyle shows how dedicated they are to their artists as well as their curatorial duties.  Queens Nails has been pushing the bar for progressive experimental art in the Bay Area for years and they don’t plan on stopping anything soon.  Their room has some really great works that need your time and attention.  Visit them and say hi.





Oakland is at ArtPad SF and is making sparks fly with their video and photography program.  Krowswork is one of the most experimental spaces in Oakland pushing the digital and photographic art forms.  Installation and sculptural works make their way into the program but are sometimes necessary and attractive accents to the exhibitions.  Krowswork really did a great job at their booth this year.





Johansson Projects is back for their 3rd year at ArtPad SF.  Johansson Projects has been an anchor for the Oakland art community and were one of the first galleries who promoted experimental works and installation, working incredibly hard to make their mark in the East Bay.  Check out their booth at ArtPad SF to see what they have in their annual program.





Blythe Projects came up from Los Angeles again.  Here are a couple works that i saw people huddled around during the opening party.  Good to see LA in San Francisco.  Welcome, come again soon.





One gallery I was particularly excited to see at ArtPad SF was Moniquemeloche Gallery from Chicago.  Chicago has an incredible art scene right now.  They are slowly branching out to surrounding cities and it is a pleasure to have a Chicago gallery in San Francisco.  The sensibility of art is very different from the Bay Area and is refreshing to see in the city.  Make your way to visit this room, a must see.





Steven Wolfe is another San Francisco gem.  Their room is well articulated with some interesting work that will hold your attention for more than a quick glance.  Their window display is very eye catching, peeking from behind some palms on the second floor of the hotel.  Another booth re recommend you to spend some time in this weekend.





Unspeakable Projects from San Francisco are at ArtPad and brought some interesting flat and sculptural works.  It was pretty crowded in their room when I went in and could only get a couple good images.  Find you way to their booth to see more.





Mark Wolfe Contemporary is a local gallery in downtown San Francisco who has been exhibiting work seen seldom in the Bay Area.  Some of the paintings they had on view I never seen before an was completely thrilled to see their inclusion in their programming.  They killed it this year, returning back to ArtPad in 2013.  Visit Mark Wolfe Contemporary’s booth to see some really amazing paintings.





New Image Art from LA came up to join us again in San Francisco art ArtPad SF.  Their booth is the largest at the fair bringing some of the largest works on view at the fair.  The production of their efforts is admirable, and can be easily detected when stepping into their space.   More and more LA in San Francisco.





Last but not least is beta pictoris gallery and Maus Contemporary from Birmingham, Alabama.  I’ve heard of these galleries before but haven’t had the opportunity to see the work they show in person.  I don’t see a trip to Alabama in the near future, so thank you for making it convenient for us Bay Area dwellers.  Below are a few amazing paintings that need to bee seen in person and not on a computer screen… but ill upload them anyways to make it easy.  Enjoy.





This concluded the coverage for ArtPad SF 2013.  Hope you enjoyed the photographs and get inspired to see the fair for yourself.  Good excuse to hang out by a pool for a few hours.  A very rare opportunity in this rain and fog plagued city.


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