Exhibition poster.  Courtesy of the gallery

Exhibition poster. Courtesy of the gallery


Tonight at The Popular Workshop San Francisco is a group show “Low Subject” featuring new works by Kate Bonner, David Bayus, and Nico Krijno.  The show description describes a work of art being understood as something that embodies itself is perhaps the oldest myth in art. A painting or sculpture is a reflection; a documentation of a process. If transparency is possible in the production of art, acknowledging this condition is the first step. The second one is acting on it.



Image courtesy of the gallery

Image courtesy of the gallery


Kate Bonner, David Bayus, and Nico Krijno’s work all complement one another through their production and presence within the space as finalized art objects. The field of documentation, a popular subject of discourse in contemporary art, and specifically the subject of documentation as art is explored here by these three artists. Their work challenges both the notions of what it means to photograph a work of art as a starting point for a piece, the piece itself, and the following dialogue that ensues. Bayus, Bonner and Krijno’s work inhabits all three of these spaces simultaneously. When viewing any of these works, one finds themselves looking at shadows on the wall, with the “original” artwork somewhere hidden from our view behind a curtain, or perhaps not at all. In a sense, this body of work reveals the false promise of all images, that there was ever an original in the first place.


The opening reception is tonight May 10th  6pm-10pm.  This exhibition run until June 21st, 2013


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