In conjunction (unofficial) to LACMA’s Hans Richter: “Encounters” exhibition, there will be an event exploring Hans Richter’s cinematic oeuvre at the THE PUBLIC SCHOOL in Chinatown Los Angeles, today June 3rd 8pm-10pm.  The screening will look into his formal relationship to time and movement, his presence within the Dada and Surrealist movements, and how the artist aligns himself to the medium. Below is the program of the screening that will take place tonight.


“Rhythmus 21” (1921)
“Vormittagsspuk” (“Ghosts Before Breakfast”) (1928)
“Dreams That Money Can Buy” (1947)


“It’s true I have made films from time to time over forty years, even at rather long intervals. But, in spite of that, the spirit in which I made these films, the motives which inspired me, and the methods by which I made them were not, properly speaking, part of the art of film-making; the spirit, the motives, the method arose less from literature than from painting.”


-Excerpt from Hans Richter’s essay “I Am Not A Moviemaker”


There will be optional reading material and posters will be available at the event.


For more information visit here.