A new project has been unfolding for the photographer and writer, Austin McManus (founder of The Flop Box).  During MacManus’ days in New York City as well as around the globe he had taken the time needed to produce an amazing new zine inspired from the cover designs seen on books by Ed Ruscha.  McManus (born and raised in CA) shares a connection to California like Ruscha does and his reference to Ruscha in each zine’s cover to express a concept that embraces a special quality that small edition print goods have.  McManus is making a statement to show the viewer the unique qualities in each zine, that even though they operate as multiples, they are set apart by their corresponding edition number, which in this case is blatantly announced on the cover.  Usually you see this number hiding in the corner of the back page of a zine or book, but Mcmanus is making it obvious, and bringing back one of the overlooked and under appreciated distinctions that separate editioned goods from one of a kind art objects.  One of a kind art objects can never operate as a multiple do to their lonesome existence as one, but McManus worked to have his editioned zines operate as one of a kind but home to a group of 30 zines, thanks to their cover and the thoughtfulness that went into it.



Each zine is 84 pages, 8.5” x 5.5”, black & white laser printed, each cover is numbered in a different color, hand signed in an edition of 30.


McManus explains that “30 Zines” is an attempt to examine the bizarre and complex existence of humans and their relationship with their environment on planet earth, this large collection of thoughtfully selected photographs was compiled. All photographs were taken by Austin McManus, some close friends and classified and unclassified sources.


To purchase a zine, or look for more on Austin McManus’ website dedicated to zine culture, visit here.