Concord that been on a research adventure in a teal school bus traveling across the country and is landing at Real Time & Space in Oakland on August 1st to host a “communal table” of discussions with a wide variety of people and perspectives discussing questions and thoughts at 6:30-9pm. This will be followed from 9pm-? with a roadside dinner and dancing on the bus. Special guests to be confirmed.


On Saturday, August 3rd from 2-5pm Concord will embark on a speculative tour across the Bay Area exploring the way alternative histories can open up possible futures. Aboard their bus we will travel with you to a secret destination as we speculate on an archaeology found in the future.


Concord asked of the places they visited: how are spaces for learning and creative production determined? In whose name are these projects developed? We found ourselves complicit in some of the answers, so in Oakland they’d like to talk through it further. Social practice and development projects both make a peculiar use of community, from a poetic hailing of imaginary participants, supporters and investors to at times a perverse erasure of place. “Community” is invoked in marketing pamphlets at open houses as well as at round table discussions in artist-run spaces.


Concord is a collective of artists, writers and curators: Marco Franco Di Domenico, Brigitte Nicole Grice, Arjuna Neuman, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Brook Sinkinson Withrow, who aim to organize culture by feeling. Concord is also a gallery, a studio and their home in Cypress Park, Los Angeles. Sometimes relationships are made there. They like that. P.S.1010 is a mobile laboratory, initiated by Concord, and joined by collaborators aboard the bus and at sites along our route.


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