Tonight, July 11th  at 7pm is an event at Little Paper Planes, San Francisco titled “// Iconic – Ambiguous Landscape//” by Erika Lynne Hanson where participants are asked to bring images of landscape (however you want to define it) personal or sourced. Participants will be asked to reimagine the narrative of the captured scape, works will be posted in LPP+ space for a duration then free for collection.  This event will kick off the residency program at LPP and is a great way for people who are unfamiliar with the space to visit and be a part of LPP’s programming in their new location on Valencia in the Mission District of  San Francisco.


With every scene, object, city, or scenario there are always various ways of viewing, that shape and inform our perception of the experience. If we look to the definitions of view, n. they range from: the physical act of viewing – to that, which comprises the scene – to the interpretation and digestion of the content.


The LPP + residency space will serve as an interface with the public, housing an evolving series of images, objects, videos, and exchanges; with an emphasis on exploring our relationships with the constructed object vs the image.


For more information visit here.