Opening tomorrow, July 30th is a group exhibition featuring new works by Janna Alfred, Sally Caruso, Grace Guillebeau, Gimena Macri, Patrick H. Robinson, Pablo Vindel, and JXMarie titled, “PUNTO SEGUIDO: Territories to Come”.   This exhibition will be the culminating moment for this group of artists, and will mark the end of their time this summer at the San Francisco Arts Institute (SFAI) campus on Russian Hill.  This group of artists has been working all summer on new works as a bi-product of SFAI’s residency program, structured to experience students from around the world with the undertakings of a working, showing artist.  It is a way for students to work in the studio with the aims of hosting an exhibition and learn the ins and outs of conceptualizing, executing, and showing their work to the public.  This intensive program is new and allows for students currently enrolled in a BFA program to get more acquainted with the real steps of putting together an exhibition, which commonly gets overlooked in art schools.


The exhibition will be on view until August 3rd.  For more information visit here.