Tonight, July 25th is the opening reception for “softcore” a group exhibition at The Still House Group in in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  The Still House Group is an impressive compound inhabited by various artists who are part of a loosely structured collective. All of the artists work within numerous mediums and push each others practice in directions that culminate into strong bodies of work.  Countering and collaborating with one another has brought The Still House Group into the limelight for they have separated themselves from the massive hoards of artists based in New York, participating in exhibitions internationally and earning their place in the art world.


The Still House Group is also known for their residency program inviting numerous artists like Peter Sutherland, JOGGING, Alex Da Corte, Peter Linden, and more.  New York based artist Alex Ito is the current resident and is working in the Still House Group studio, producing a new body of work for a solo show opening August 28th at The Still House Group. “softcore” is curated by Alex Ito and features works by Nick Fusaro, Carol Hu, Kelley McNutt, John-Mercer Moore, and Izabelle New.  “a soft that is softer than soft” is all that is written in the press release and is a welcoming note to visitors that you will be pleasantly surprised by the exhibition, realizing that it’s more than you first pictured. All of these young artist are coming up and making some pretty incredible work; keep an eye out for them in the near future.


The exhibition runs from July 25th to August 11th.


For more information visit here.