Tonight at S.H.E.D. Projects in Oakland is the 4th day of an ongoing program called “THE GOLDEN HOUR P.M.” organized by Ian Dolton-Thornton and Emma Spertus who are both artists from Real Time and Space in Chinatown, Oakland.  Emma Spertus is one of the founders of RTS and continues to run and work in the space bringing a fresh perspective of contemporary work produced in the East Bay and the Greater Bay Area.  Ian Dolton-Thornton is part of Publication Studio, which is an on demand independent publisher of books and print goods located in 9 cities.


RTS is a sanctuary for artists including  studios and a residency program that rotates throughout the year.  The projects and exhibitions that have been coming from RTS artists have been consistently receiving high regards, and it has been a pleasure to watch and experience their works’ progression.  The artistic endeavors that have been produces from RTS are truely remarkable.


Find time to visit S.H.E.D. Projects during their program which ends July 12th.  Event schedule below.


For more information visit here.