Starting tonight at Home Alone 2 in NYC is a performance series titled “Breathing Works” including performance, readings, visual art, sounds works, and more.  It will be a lively collection of different artistic endeavors and we highly recommend you to check it out.  This series goes on throughout the entire month, so you have time to check out the programming.  Information for the month below.  Enjoy.


August 4th: Poet, Simone White, reads and performer Julia Crockett, performs. 7pm

August 6th: Painter and musician, Chris Johanson’s, audition tape 12-12:20pm and 7-7:15pm

August 9th: Poet, Brian Ang and musician, Kern Haug, play.  Then, Amelia Stein reads a piece on processions before a procession of paintings. 7pm

August 10th: At Cafe Dancer, Brian Ang and Kern Haug play then Community College radio, Breathing Works, and Home Alone 2 DJs. 8pm

August 16th: Peter Hernandez, as JULIUS SMACK, with Mo Ritter, perform music with video. Jessie Gold reads dreams. 8pm

August 17th: JULIUS SMACK perofrms. Dancer, Megha Barnabas performs. 7pm

August 22nd: TBA

August 23rd: Dancer, Marisa Competello performs. Kamau Patton performs. 7pm

August 25th: uncomissioned Public Sculture Ceremony.


For more information visit here.