Dennis Parlante, Absurd Orchestration, 2013.  Courtesy of the gallery.

Dennis Parlante, Absurd Orchestration, 2013. Courtesy of the gallery.


Currently on view at Chandler Fine Art, San Francisco “Absurd Orchestration”, a solo exhibition of paintings by Dennis Parlante on view through November 9, 2013.  Often known for his collages made from paper ephemera, Dennis Parlante’s exhibition at Chandler Fine Art presents a series of paintings on canvas created over the last few years.


Exploring elements of intentional and spontaneous markmaking, Parlante’s recent paintings have evolved from primarily black elements to an investigation into the addition of color. Heavily influenced by his time teaching art to children in Japan after college, Parlante’s work reflects the spontaneous energy of children’s art and writing and the deep black strokes of Japanese sumi ink paintings. The artist cites the Eastern aesthetic as a source of inspiration: “Japan is a culture of contrasts,” from the precise formality of flower arranging and tea ceremonies to the expressive sound and gesture of Kabuki theater. This, paired with his Western upbringing, forms a juxtaposition of intuitive gesture and controlled form, and is the mark of Parlant’s work.


For more information on Dennis Parlante’s exhibition “Absurd Orchestration” visit Chandler Fine Art, San Francisco.