Installation view.  Courtesy of the gallery.

Installation view. Courtesy of the gallery.

Julien Ceccaldi. Courtesy of the gallery.

Julien Ceccaldi. Courtesy of the gallery.


Currently in Los Angeles, Paradise Garage has an exhibition on view worth visiting.  It closes this Friday, Novemeber 1st, so not much time left to check it out.  Julien Ceccaldi’s solo exhibition, “Parasite Purge” is bringing back memories of my childhood full of hand drawn t-shirts and anime, living through characters, internalizing their glory, tragedy, romance, and despair.  “Parasite Purge” is composed of a large wall painting depicting a young woman laying peacefully in a bed of flowers, looking toward the sky with her hand out reaching for the gallery’s window while her guts and internal organs spill out of her stomach.  Hung neatly on the mural, in two horizontal rows, are items of clothing and a couple totes with hand painted images of anime characters with accentuated chins in various scenarios.  The characters are seen praying, rejoicing, and crying in sadness for the loss of love.  Ceccaldi’s approach with this exhibition seems playful and loose but in touch with the formal constructions seen in design.


“Parasite Purge” is on view through November 1st.


For more information on “Parasite Purge” visit Paradise Garage, Los Angeles.