Opening Saturday, October 24th (6-9pm) at Important Projects, Oakland is two solo exhibitions featuring works by Kait Mooney and Amy Yao. The exhibitions will be on view through December 7, 2013.



Kait Mooney.  Courtesy of Real Time and Space.

Kait Mooney. Courtesy of Real Time and Space.


“Spread Out As A Sensing Subject” by Kait Mooney strategizes spatial and material illegibility through body-based and architectural objects. Part expression, part archive, part body, texts are rolled and embedded within a series of industrial tubes. A textile used to abstract the body and create an illegibility within sexed markings is utilized as a rhetoric of trans-materiality. Objects of ornamentation work to create a series of intentional surfaces. Existing as an inter-subjective project, one that that is only understood through the relation of other embodied beings, the artist embeds the work with its own subjectivity, receipts from which the objects were purchased, expressions of queer refusal and texts in which the work is informed, creating a transmutation of materials that span temporalities and revisit specific histories of use.


“Any Body In The Attic” is Amy Yao’s solo exhibition in conjunction with her residency at Real time and Space, Oakland featuring works made during her time at RTS.  For her press release Yao created a composition of images that catalogue possible references or inspirations for her exhibition.  Below are a few images pulled from the document giving you a small look into Yao’s studio practice.  Download full release here.



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For more information on “Spread Out As A Sensing Subject” by Kait Monney and “Any Body In The Attic” by Amy Yao, visit Important Projects, Oakland.