"Objective" installation view at Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles.  Courtesy of the gallery.

“Objective” installation view at Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles. Courtesy of the gallery.


Currently on view at Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles is “Objective”, an exhibition of work by five artists who use the conditions and methods of object making as a way to locate their ideas about domesticity, industry and society. By understanding the power of the three- dimensional world through the conception and construction of inanimate things, these artists may also learn to recognize the power of the unknown.  Artists include: Richard Artschwager, Jorge Pardo, Ry Rocklen, Analia Saban, and Rosha Yaghmai.


Richard Artschwager’s 1965 New York Telephone Directory reduces the indexes of New York’s five boroughs (Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan and The Bronx) to a minimal hybrid form. Jorge Pardo’s Pallet challenges our notion of an object’s design and function. By subtly altering its manufactured intent, the sculpture demonstrates Pardo’s interest in making, modifying and remaking things. Ry Rocklen reworks found or abandoned objects such as baskets, pillows, thrift-store paintings and bed-mattresses. He transmutes each thing’s familiar function by therapeutically purifying (plating, ornamenting or mummifying) the original. Analia Saban uses crossbred methods and arrangements that elucidate notions of use and meaning—the way we see things, how we think about them and what we consider to be the rules and conventions governing ordinary objects and everyday activities. Lastly, Rosha Yaghmai turns pliable domestic things such as curtains, sofas and carpets into hard fiberglass sculpture.


For more information on the exhibition “Objective” visit Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles.