Opening Friday, October 11th at Weekend in Los Angeles is “Please Release Me”, a solo exhibition of works by Molly Jo Shea. For her first gallery show in Los Angeles, Shea will be creating an installation which will feature sculpture, painting, video, and performance based on the art of trapping. Through her research of masculine endeavors such as “Pick-Up Artist” culture, hunting, weaponry, and animal trapping, Shea creates an environment that is one part hunting lodge and one part bachelor pad. Shea then inserts herself into these fight or flight scenarios via the presentation of field research, her own hide, and through   the interaction with the traps themselves. The social aspects of trapping, who is hunter versus who is prey, and finding oneself in desperate situations without escape, are ideas darkly conveyed within the installation. Armed with deadpan humor, Shea manipulates viewers by allowing them to be both predator and prey.


A performance will be held opening night, October 11th, at 8:45 pm, whereupon the installation will be complete. Caution is advised during the performance as live traps will be in use.


For more information visit here.