Courtesy of Jancar Jones, Los Angeles.

Courtesy of Jancar Jones, Los Angeles.


Opening Saturday, October 26th (6-9pm) at Jancar Jones Gallery, Los Angeles is an exhibit of new works by Los Angeles-based artist Rick Bahto. The exhibit will include a selection of photographs and two accompanying 16mm films that will be screened at scheduled times throughout the run of the show. In his recent work Bahto has become primarily concerned with the intuitive exploration of large collections of material as a way of generating performances, films, and photographs. The processes of photography are central in every stage of these works, which often involve many layers of contact printing, re-photography, enlargement, or projection.


This exhibit will focus on a selection of works from the series Compositions, which is comprised of 16mm films, 35mm slides, and C-prints. The project began with hundreds of 35mm snapshots of found “still lifes” that Bahto photographed on the side of the road around Los Angeles over the course of a year and a half. Prints of these images were then treated as objects in spontaneous arrangements determined by simple chance procedures, producing work in a variety of formats that, while presenting similar formal compositions, were created through distinctly different series of events.


To coincide with his exhibit of photographs looking at photographs, Bahto will also curate a program of windows looking at windows. For a couple of nights, a looped program of short films (the subject in each of these being windows) by Pablo Valencia will be projected onto the storefront window of the gallery. The screenings will start at dusk and run continuously for approximately 2.5 hours, perhaps beginning on Sunday, November 10th and ending around Tuesday, November 12th.  This exhibition will be on view through November 30, 2013.


Sunday, October 27th 7pm
Friday, November 15th 7pm
Friday, November 29th 7pm


For more information on this exhibition visit Jancar Jones Gallery, Los Angeles.