untitled (anaglyph 4) 2013 Dean Smith Archival pigmented inkjet on Tyvek 78 inches diameter

Dean Smith, “Untitled (anaglyph 4)”
Archival pigmented inkjet on Tyvek
78 inches diameter.  Courtesy of the gallery.


Opening Friday, October 11th (6-9pm) at INCLINE Gallery in San Francisco is “SPACE: 1999”, a group exhibition featuring the work of Randy Colosky, Chris Fraser, Sandra Ono and Dean Smith. “SPACE: 1999” is a reference to a short lived science fiction program in which the protagonists were occupants of moonbase Alpha. Following a massive nuclear explosion the moon, its inhabitants were hurled into deep space and “represented present-day Earthmen cast adrift in a vast, unexplainable universe where Earth-bound logic and the laws of nature no longer operated.” The desire to make sense of this unexplainable universe creates the basis for the exhibition, and a jumping off point for much of the work included.


Each of the artists involved uses everyday materials in innovative ways to explore and explain the mysterious and beautiful, whether it is the experience of the human body, the properties of light, or the reimagining of utilitarian materials. For “SPACE: 1999” INCLINE Gallery is transformed through site specific installation and becomes a platform for the exhibiting artists to showcase their individual explorations.


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