Stacey Steers, "House Falls Apart", Paper Collage. Courtesy of the gallery.

Stacey Steers, “House Falls Apart”, Paper Collage. Courtesy of the gallery.


Currently on view at Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco is “Night Hunter,” a solo exhibition by Stacey Steers.  Steers’ exhibition consists of sculpture, mixed media collages, and shadow boxes—all of which augment and provide context for the display of her riveting video and film work. Meticulously crafted from thousands of handmade collages, Steers’ films have screened at over 100 film festivals worldwide. Her films have been shown at the Lincoln Center and MOMA in New York as part of the New Directors/New Films Festival, the Telluride Film Festival, the Houston Cinema Arts Festival, and the AFI Film Festival in LA. In her animated films, Steers explores the elemental process of constructing meaning from experience. Rather than employing storyboards, she allows a surreal connectivity between intuited choices to drive her work organically. Her films are driven by subsconscious reckoning with memory and longing, and examine themes drawn from the deep terrain of allegory, myth and archetypes.


“Night Hunter” will be on view through December 14, 2013.


For more information visit Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco.