Courtesy of Document.

Courtesy of Document.


Opening tonight at Document, Chicago is a solo exhibition of B. Ingrid Olson, “From her come a gang and a run”. The exhibition features a selection of works that exercise the boundaries of the pictorial plane and straddle the line between image and object. Olson, herself, is often the subject of the photographs, which alternate between fixed portraits and performative snapshots. Within the images, she explores bodily and out-of-body experiences, distorting and masking her likeness using mirrors, manipulating lighting and, frequently, rephotographing already-printed photographs. Olson’s studio space becomes another recurrent motif in her images, suggesting that she is not solely focused on testing the structure of self-portraiture, but also on imaging the process and performance of creating photographs. After the photographs are printed, translated to paper or board and made physical, they are combined with other photographs, drawings and scraps of paper within a single frame. These seemingly provisional arrangements of physical images function like a run-on sentence; gathered together, layered and staggered, covering and revealing, building towards a fixed vantage point without reaching it.


Opening Reception: December 14th, 2013. 5-8pm.


“From her come a gang and a run” will be on view through January 25th, 2014.


For more information visit Document, Chicago.


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