Currently on view at Anton Kern Gallery, New York is a solo exhibition by Brazilian artist Marepe, presenting a group of seven sculptures made of common objects and put together with great formal rigor and poetic potential. These works achieve a complex layering of references and meaning sad dressing the linkage between the individual and society.


Marepe’s sculptures are made from everyday materials such as plastic buckets and tables, ironing boards, brooms, bicycles, wheelbarrows, and chipboard. Some titles, such as Embutido Sanfona (embedded accordion), are inspired by popular music, others are factual and descriptive, such as Empilhamento (stacking). The work allows for a direct reading, and perhaps more importantly, leads toward a sensory experience; an intimacy of touch and interaction, comparable to the deeply emotional experience and immediacy of listening to music.


Bicycle and ply wood 42 1/4 x 102 x 24 7/8 inches (ak#9877) Courtesy Anton Kern Gallery, New York


Marepe is on view through December 14th, 2013.


For more information visit Anton Kern Gallery, New York.