Opening Saturday, December 7th at Jancar Jones Gallery, Los Angeles is “Table Setting” a group show of small sculptural works by David Berezin, Ryan Fabel, Bill Jenkins, Sahar Khoury, Benjamin Love, Claire Nereim, Morgan Peck, Sean Talley, Alina Tenser, Hayley Tompkins, and B. Wurtz. Displayed together on a large table the diminutive works will act together to establish a discursive relationship between materials and subjects, abstraction and narrative. Functioning as a simultaneously uniting and freeing force, the table removes the immediate walls of the gallery bringing the focus to a singular horizontal plane. The deliberate placement of the works on the table’s top sets up a landscape of pieces, a miniaturized gallery but an equally, necessarily designed and ornamented environment, unavoidably suggestive of domestic surroundings.


“Table Setting” is on view through January 4th, 2014.


For more information visit Jancar Jones Gallery, Los Angeles.