Opening January 4th at Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco is “Two Libraries: Recently Sorted Books,” a solo exhibition of new and selected works by Nina Katchadourian. 2013 marked the 20th anniversary of Nina Katchadourian’s “Sorted Books” series. An on-going project initiated in 1993, this series currently spans two decades and ten book collections, public and private, in the United States and abroad. Along with selections from “Once Upon a Time in Delaware/In Quest of the Perfect Book”, this exhibit will be the first featuring photographs from “Family Gathering”, the tenth and newest addition to “Sorted Books”.  The juxtaposition of works arising from these two very distinct collections highlight the wide range of cover convention, book design, and physicality of the volumes which Katchadourian skillfully portrays in her work.


Opening Reception: January 4th, 2014.


“Two Libraries: Recently Sorted Books” is on view through February 15th, 2014.


For more information visit Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco.